IMG_0075My name is Peter Svensson, but as a tattoo artist my artist name is Porky Pete. I have been active as a tattooist since 1999 and is a member of the Board of ”Sveriges Registrerade Tatuerare, SRT. SRT is the Swedish branch organisation for tattooers.

In November 2018 I received my master’s certificate for tattooers, which was the first time ever it was distributed. I became one of the world’s first tattooists to receive this.

For almost 15 years I had the studio Porky Royale at Kungsholmen in Stockholm. Nowadays I’m staying at Sigil Ink in Gamla Stan, Stockholm. After more than 20 years in the tattoo industry, I can handle all styles, but I have mostly worked with Old school / Traditional and Blackwork. Furthermore, I am a nerd of rank, which is often reflected in my work in different ways. Occasionally I visit other studios around the country. I usually also visit convention when ever I can. Particularly Meltdown (Trollhättan) and Inkbash (Stockholm) are usually on the agenda

I’m also a freelance illustrator and have made illustrations over the years to both individuals and companies.
To get tattooed with me, you must be at least 18.  I follow legal hygiene requirements and have undergone several hygiene courses. The studio I work on is inspected by the local Environmental Management.

For inquiries, contact me.